EXCLUSIVE: Mandy Red Interview w/ ND4E Models Magazine

2:26 PM


Model Mandy Red
Nationality Latina 
Born/Raised Dallas, TX
Zodiac Pisces
Facebook mandyred.eratikent
Instagram mandred.eratikent
Snapchat Mandy Red

Q) Tell us what do you like best about being a model? 

A) The art, bring able to envision something and seeing it come to life.

Q) Modeling is a big teaser, are you a teaser or right to the point type of person? 

A) Both lol depends on the mood

Q) Even if you're not bi/gay every girl has a girl crush, who's yours?

A) Christina Milian is SO gorgeous to me!!! 

Q) What are some special characteristics about you that most don’t know? 

A) double jointed, crazy scary flexible

Q) Tell us how it was shooting with Naughty Down 4Ever Magazine in New Orleans, LA ? 

A)  Super fun and professional 

Q: How did you heard about our brand?   A) Through social media 

Q) What turns you on and off? 

A) What turns me on is a person with depth, layers, brains, and drive.  Biggest turn off is someone who hide behind being flashy.

Q) What are you listening to lately?  

A) Lately I been listening to R&B a lot. I guess being single, it's a band aid for love for now. 

Q) Can you cook, if so, what is your specially? 

A) Yes! My favorite dish and specialty is my Mom's secret family recipe to Tex- Mex chicken Tacos and rice!!

Q) What are some special characteristics about you that most don’t know? 

A) I used to be a SUPER Shy Person. I used that characteristic as a challenge to myself to help grow myself as an individual. Modeling has helped me overcome that challenge. I guess what I'm saying is a special characteristic of myself is being able to take my "weaknesses" and use them to my advantage!

Q) Give us a wtf was I thinking moment? 

A) lol....a WTF was i thinking moment was my choice of men at a certain point in my life.....we will just leave it at that lol

Q) If you could go back in time, what would you do differently? 

A) I would have not been so shy. And would have just started my career earlier.

Q) What are you currently working on? 

A) Currently working on a mini tour to perform and push my Single entitled "Set Free",  by myself and Just Beats. It's on YouTube and iTunes, look it up!

Q) Where can fans check out more of you at ?

 A)  My YouTube is Mandy Red, and all social media is Mandy Red/@mandyred.eratikent. You can also catch me on FM Radio, KNON 89.3fm, Thursday's 12-4pm!! Or you can also pull us up online @ knon.org to take a listen! ♡

Photo Shot Exclusively By @naughtydown4evermagazine

Retouched By @thaflicksta
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