Adult Star Val Dodds Interview

B.Rich Brinson interviews adult star Val Dodds where she talks about posing naked at her old high school and landing a 45 day jail sentence, best thing about a adult film star, her favorite sex position, and more

ND4E: Tell us about you?

 A)  My name is Valerie Dodds, I go by Val for short! I was born and raised in Lincoln, NE and am currently residing in Las Vegas, NV! My birthday is on Valentines Day hence the name Valerie. I just turned 24 and this will be my 6th year in the adult industry!

ND4E: What’s your ethnicity?  A) I am Irish, Dutch, Polish, and German

ND4E: What was it that grew your interest in the adult film business you do?

A) I started a website right after high school because  I didn't really want to go to college right away and saw other performers having fun, getting to travel and making good money! I shot a video at my old high school for my old website and got arrested for public nudity and landed a 45 day jail sentence, and with all that I landed myself on the front page of Hustlers' 2013 Holiday Edition Cover with a whole interview about what had happened!

ND4E: When it comes to the bullshit in the adult film business, how much of it have you encountered and how did you deal with it?

  A) By bullshit there could be a few different things such as drama between performers or companies which I really try to not involve myself in. If its the bullshit laws like Prop 60 that would destroy the industry then I tend to get involved and voice an opinion.

ND4E: What are some special characteristics about you that most don’t know?

A) A lot of people don't notice the scar above my left eye, I got into a snowboarding accident and had to get stitches exactly where my eyebrow starts!! Which is why I draw my eyebrows on every morning :)

ND4E:Would you prefer a guy to pursue you, or do you like to be the aggressor?

 A) I like being the aggressor, for some reason I like feeling intimidating when I first meet someone, rather than being intimidated.

ND4E:Tell us what do you like best about being adult film star?

A) My favorite thing about being an adult star is learning what different people are into it! I had no idea that some of the fantasies I had other people have also! I love that I get to explore this ALL while being in a safe environment. Especially when you know everyone your with is tested also!

ND4E: Tell us how often do you masturbate ?

Oh wow!! haha this is tough... I recently just became Exclusive with so fuckkkkk um at least 10 times a day! and Yes I actually do cum when I am on cam! :) Otherwise when Im not working just once since I am normally relaxing from all the orgasms I had the day before.

ND4E: When you use your fingers do you like taste yourself ? What’s your flavor?

A) LOL I do love licking my fingers when I play with my pussy, I actually just stuck my fingers in to describe lol I would say a sweeter taste, more like a sweet tart!

ND4E: What’s your favorite sex position?

A) Favorite position is the "Flying Squirrel" (Sex inside a Snuggie DUH)

ND4E: On a scale of 1-10 how high is you sex drive?

A) DEFINITELY A 10!!! Especially if I have a few days off of work I shouldn't even be allowed to go to a grocery store lol I might start humping the eggplants.

ND4E: Tell Us about the craziest DM you got from a celebrity on Instagram without saying there name ?

 A) That they had been following me for 5 years (without me knowing) They loved that I was from NE, and pretty much knew everything about me! I quizzed him and was very impressed.

ND4E: What do you like the most ? Blowjobs, Threesomes,Girl On Girl, or Getting Spanked ?

A) Gosh out of those 4 its so hard!!! I would have to pick threesomes, but with all girls!!! :)  So fucking hot!

ND4E: What the number one thing you think women lie about that they do when it comes to sex?

 A) How many partners they have been with

ND4E: What do you think is best sex toy on the market you use daily ?

 A) HITACHI!!!! Makes me cum in a minute I SWEAR!!!

ND4E: What’s your favorite kind of package you prefer on a guy? Regular, Medium, Or Super Size ?

A) I need a medium size man, my pussy is so shallow so it honestly hurts being with someone to big!!! So average guys COME MY WAY :)

ND4E: What are you listening to lately?

A) I am really digging that Halsey chick, she's dating G-Eazy and I think they are the cutest fucking couple ever.

ND4E: What’s the most interesting approach you got from a fan out in public ?

A) I had a man in Nebraska follow me around the store lurking behind every isle and I just wanted to tell him he can say hi to me lol

ND4E: Tell us what gets you wet and what gets you kick out?

 A) I have a foot fetish. Anyone rubbing my feet then slowly sucking on my toy gets me wetter than a fucking waterfall!

ND4E: What’s your number one favorite fantasy you like to act out on camera?

A) I love mom and daughter roles! I don't really have a fantasy about it I just love acting out those scenes especially when we argue in the beginning I am so good at it haha!

ND4E: What’s your routine when preparing to film?

 A) I start with the day before and hit the gym, and get a spray tan, I always relax the night before so I look well rested for the camera! Once I wake up I shower and depending on if I have a later call time blow-dry my hair or let it air-dry (I prefer air-dry) Eat some egg whites, yogurt and fruit and recently I have been drinking Monster energy drinks before. I feel so amped by the time I am ready to do my scene!

ND4E: Now you have done many adult films, do you have one you like the most?

 A)My favorite scene is one Tanya Tate directed called "Girl Fiction" for Smash Bros, it was also nominated for Xbiz and AVN in 2017. Its my favorite since I am in a 3-way for the scene with Alexis Faux, and Alexa Nova!

ND4E: What body part of yours attracts the most attention?

 A) Natural breasts for sure!! and since I just got back on birth control the size has really gone up!

ND4E: Even if you're not bi/gay every girl has a girl crush, who's yours?

A) I love love love Nicole Aniston her body is amazing and thats my number one goal this year.

ND4E: What’s something about you people misjudge?

A) I think when people hear that I am in the adult industry assume that I come from a broken home and I do realize some women do. I just don't want that to be a stereo-type for the industry anymore. I am SOOOO close to my family where I talk to them daily! :) Thats just one thing I want people to know about me.

ND4E: Do you have any hidden talents?

A) I can play piano and I am learning guitar right now :)

ND4E: If you had 3 wishes for you and the world what would they be?

A) To end animal abuse/poaching. For me to win a million dollars, and for Bernie Sanders to become president.

ND4E: Do you have any last words?

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