B Rich Brinson Interviews Tana Lea

7:38 PM

B Rich Brinson had the chance to interview adult star Tana Lea and she discusses shooting porn the first time with James Deen, two of the hottest females in porn today to do a girl-on-girl scene with, her routine when preparing to shoot a new scene, and more

Tell me about Tana Lea.

TANA: I’m a sweet, country girl who loves sex. I grew up in a super small town, did all of the things I thought I was supposed to do and I wasn’t happy. So I decided to start living my life for myself and I couldn’t be happier! I love hanging out at home, watching tv, movies, video games. I love food.  I like to go hiking outside. Do stuff with my little 3-legged dog.

How was your experience on set shooting porn your first time?

TANA: It was amazing! It was an oil scene with James Deen and everyone was so nice. The crew brought me cupcakes to celebrate my first scene. I was super nervous but James Deen is the best. Especially for a first scene.

What’s your routine when preparing to shoot a new scene?

TANA: Make sure my girly bag is full and has everything I need in it. Make sure my hair, nails, and skin look good. Choose the wardrobe and put it all in my Porn box. Also, I love Summer’s Eve’s coconut water wipes and I always douche with warm water and tea tree oil before scenes.

How much has your life changed since becoming a part the adult industry?

TANA: Nothing has changed much. Dudes are still assholes. That would be the only aspect of my life that I would think is different, my dating life, but dudes are the same as they were before I started. I’m a lot more selective now with who I keep close to me. I’m still the same ole Tana. Just a lot more people have seen me have sex. I live in LA now full time. Prior I was going back and forth between LA & Austin.

Tell us if you can choose 2 of the hottest females in porn today to do a girl-on-girl scene who would you pick?

TANA: Romi Rain & Kendra Sunderland I would love to get lost in Romi’s ass or big tits. She and I recently played sisters and got to take a super hot bath together. We want more! Kendra is a very sensual lover. I would make out with her for hours. She’s also very much my type. She’s got great boobs, the cutest ass and she’s just one of my favorite people.

What position gives you the best orgasm?

TANA: I like penetration so I like doggy sometimes me on the bottom grinding. I like feeling balls slap my ass too. Lol

Any tips for the ladies on giving great head?

TANA: Pedialyte. I have so much saliva and it’s super clear and stringy. Looks great on camera. In real life, pedialyte.
No one likes a dry bj. Also, just get into it. Make love to that dick.

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