B Rich Brinson Interviews Kim Peppers

7:08 PM

B Rich Brinson had a chance to interview Kim Pepper who's a model, transformation coach and pro trainer and more. She talks about balancing being a transformation coach and a model in the industry, the best way you will tell someone they need a transformation coach and more. Check out the interview below

Introduce Yourself?

My name is Kim Peppers and I am a full time transformation coach and pro trainer

How long you been a transformation coach and pro trainer?

I started  helping people transform their bodies in 2010,and became a life coach in 2016! I've always loved the fitness industry and seeing clients achieve incredible goals

How you balance being a transformation coach and a model in the industry?

They go hand in hand. Representing positive body image is the most important thing, as a model and role model in this industry.

What's the best way you will tell someone they need a transformation coach without making them feel about admitting it?

To be honest with you, as soon as I am asked what I do,people start sharing. I have never had to "promote" because I feel it's important for someone to approach their transformation when they are ready. If it comes from them, on their own  terms, the positive effects will last significantly longer. So an initial  introduction is what I call a "hit and run", leaving a client to ponder their own goals and needs. They will come when the time is right.

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Now going through the transformation process what changes I will have to make to what I eat because I love me some fried chicken?

When it comes to nutrition it's all about balance and nutrient timing. Fuel yourself according to the type of training and limit sugars on rest days. Keep treats for post workout, on a heavy lifting day or day where you have used large muscle groups such as legs. But at the end of the day, it comes down to how badly do you want to make this change? Fat lasts longer than flavor.

You recently partner up with B Rich Brinson  the CEO of Naughty Down 4Ever Magazine for a huge opportunity dealing with fitness tell us about that?

I hope to contribute with any fitness and nutrition advice helpful to his following!
I heard you cooking up something with him in New Orleans that's true?

Hoping to come up with some fire!

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