Artist Spotlight: Bella Blaq Interview

4:16 PM

B Rich Brinson had a chance to catch up with artist Bella Blaq for a interview where she talks about everything from what's her inspires her a artist, her new single "GETTIN 2 IT" she been promoting heavy, her perspective on the current state of the industry and much more.

ND4E: Introduce yourself

Bella Blaq: What’s good ! Its Bella Blaq

ND4E: Where are you from originally?

Bella Blaq: I’m originally from a lil country town in GA. Blakely, GA

ND4E: How would you describe your music style?

Bella Blaq: When it comes to my music its real my style switches up I’m very versatile!

ND4E: Tell us a real life situation that inspired you as an artist?

Bella Blaq: Life period! Just from me being a single mom from not finishing high school and still having the grind and ambition to follow my dreams!

ND4E: If you could go open for any music artist today on tour who would you pick?

Bella Blaq: You gots to know I’m rocking with Missy, Cassidy! & Cardi B. Very dope artist

ND4E: What are some special characteristics about you that most don’t know?

Bella Blaq: I also play the clarinet.

ND4E: Tell us do you ever get nervous before a performance?

Bella Blaq: Yes lol I do still get nervous before performing!!! But once I hit that stage its over with!

ND4E: What are five things you can’t live without?

Bella Blaq:
1.My kids
2.My music
3.Malibu rum
4.My fans
5. Strawberries and cream lol I need all 5 

ND4E: What song of yours are you most proud of?

Bella Blaq: My next single is really my heart . That song means so much to me you will love it!

ND4E: What do you like to do when you not doing music?

Bella Blaq: When I’m not doing music I like to meditate.

ND4E: Now we want to know if Bella Blaq is single or not?

Bella Blaq: Bella Blaq is chillin lol

ND4E: Do you have anyone you have been eyeing lately?

Bella Blaq: Yes I do have my eyes on someone right now but we just vibing tho!

ND4E: What do you think is you sexiest body part ? why ?

Bella Blaq: I love my lips omg !!! Idk why I just do

ND4E: What do you think fans would say?

Bella Blaq: My fans would maybe say my boobs 

ND4E: Give us a WTF was I thinking moment?

Bella Blaq: A wtf moment for me! So one day I'm out promoting my single "GETTIN 2 IT" and i walk up on a group on guys telling them a little about myself! I then asked one of the guys to purchase my single off of his itunes . He was like what imma get from spending .99. Now I’m looking like wtf you wanna try to holla at me take me out but you cant go buy a .99 single to support someone you claim you are so into?  Ok!

ND4E: What is your perspective on the current state of the industry?

Bella Blaq: I think the industry is exactly where it needs to be. If people don’t like the music that’s out now you have several platforms to go and listen to what you like!! I’m behind anyone that’s following their dreams!

ND4E: If you could go back in time, what would you do differently?

Bella Blaq: If I could go back in time i would change my social security number. Credit is important.

ND4E: Where can fans check out more of you at?

Bella Blaq: Follow me on IG @bella.blaq
FB bella blaq
SC bellablaq03
Twitter bella.blaq

Bella Blaq: Thanks for having me

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