B Rich Brinson Interviews Adult Film Star Miss Raquel

6:53 PM

B Rich Brinson had a chance to interview adult film star Raquel who's been in numerous films in the adult industry. She talks about everything from being a adult film star in the industry,  the craziest DM she got from a certain celebrity, what she likes the most in sex, and much more. 

B Rich Brinson : Tell us about Miss Raquel

Miss Raquel: I am a mix of sweet and spice and everything nice lol like the power puff girls (yes I am corny like that ) 😂

B Rich Brinson :  What’s your ethnicity?

Miss Raquel: I am Dominican and Portugais

 B Rich Brinson What's your astrological sign?

Miss Raquel: Libra

B Rich Brinson: What are your measurements?

Miss Raquel: 36-2648

B Rich Brinson: What was it that grew your interest in the adult film business you do?

Miss Raquel I love being in front of the camera and I really also love licking, fucking, & sucking. What can I say I’m a nymphomaniac!

B Rich Brinson: When it comes to the bullshit in the adult film business, how much of it have you encountered and how did you deal with it?

Miss Raquel: Luckily, I have not really dealt with much & if I have I’ve handled it accordingly. I don’t sweat the small stuff, but I do have to show my assertive side when it involves my money.

B Rich Brinson What are some special characteristics about you that most don’t know?

Miss Raquel : I have a great sense of humor and laugh and find humor in shit that most people don’t.

 B Rich Brinson: Would you prefer a guy to pursue you, or do you like to be the aggressor?

Miss Raquel: I like both. Depends on the situation and how I’m feeling in that situation. Sometimes I wanna guy to approach me in a respectful way and other times I just say “Fu*k it, I’m gonna approach this guy and hopefully he smells good and doesn’t have a bad breath.”

B Rich Brinson: Tell us what do you like best about being adult film star?

Miss Raquel: I like performing in front of the camera in different settings and scenarios. And I also like creating my own product on my website developing my own ideas and making them come to life.

B Rich Brinson: Tell us how often do you masturbate ?

Miss Raquel: As often as possible. So much that I have to go to the store at least once a week to replace the batteries in all my vibrators.

B Rich Brinson: When you use your fingers do you like taste yourself ? What’s your flavor? LOL

Miss Raquel: Of course! My flavor is Cumberry swirl. So delicious that men chase me around like a fat kid chasing the ice cream truck.

B Rich Brinson: What’s your favorite sex position?

Miss Raquel: Doggystyle. Love getting my big booty pounded from the back. But I love every sex position. Its fun to try them all. It keeps sex fun switching it up. If not, it becomes boring like a chore.

B Rich Brinson: On a scale of 1-10 how high is you sex drive?

Miss Raquel: A 69! I’ve been half asleep with my eyes closed sleeping next to a guy and next thing you know I open my eyes and I’m on top of him riding his di*k or sitting on his face!

 B Rich Brinson: Tell Us about the craziest DM you got from a celebrity on Instagram without saying there name ?

Miss Raquel: A certain celebrity sent me a message saying he has a huge wine cellar with the most expensive types of wine. He said he wants to show me his wine cellar, have me pick out my favorite bottle, drink the whole thing, and then piss on him at the end.

B Rich Brinson: What do you like the most ?

1. Blowjobs

2. Threesomes

3. Girl On Girl

4. Getting Spanked

Miss Raquel: Blowjobs. Nothing gets me off more than a hard di*k in my mouth, getting it nice and wet with my spit, jerking and sucking it at the same time until it shoots over my tits, face, or in my mouth. Love the dick!

B Rich Brinson: What the number one thing you think women lie about that they do when come to sex?

Miss Raquel:That when the mans cumming they’re cummimg too.

B Rich Brinson: What do you think is best sex toy on the market?

Miss Raquel’s Replica Pus*y that’s sold at my store. A million happy di*ks can’t be wrong!

B Rich Brinson: What’s your favorite kind of package you prefer on a guy?

A. Regular Size

B. Medium Size

C. Super Size

D. Doesn’t Matter

Miss Raquel: Doesn’t matter as long as they can work it and they know how to eat pus*y. My clit needs to be licked, end of story!

B Rich Brinson: What are you listening to lately?
Miss Raquel: I am pretty open I love all type of music

B Rich Brinson: What’s the most interesting approach you got from a fan out in public ?

Miss Raquel: A guy gave me a dozen flowers and then said “These flowers smell amazing, I bet your flower does too. Can I get take sniff?”

B Rich Brinson Tell us what gets Miss Raquel wet and what gets you kick out ?

Miss Raquel: A lot of things get me wet. Too many to list. Bad hygiene and a bad attitude causes the opposite.

B Rich Brinson What’s your number one favorite fantasy you like to act out on camera?

Miss Raquel: I don’t know theirs so many. There’s some kinky ones where I have this guy I know with a really big juicy tan ass wear thong and I do all sort of nasty things to him. But he refuses to wear a damn thong! Maybe 1 day I can convince him.

 B Rich Brinson: Now you have done many adult films, do you have one you like the most?

Miss Raquel: I love them all. I really liked the one where I fu*k under water, Easter Bunny Fever, Anal Sex on a Sunny Day, Stripperz in Da Hood, they are all great.

B Rich Brinson What body part of yours attracts the most attention?

Miss Raquel: My ass of course!

B Rich Brinson: What’s something about you people misjudge?

Miss Raquel: Some people assume that I must be a diva but that’s the farthest from the truth. The people that know me can confirm that.

B Rich Brinson Do you have any hidden talents?

Miss Raquel: I’m really good at riding hover boards.

B Rich Brinson Do you have any last words ?

Miss Raquel: Please follow me Instagram Missraquel4xx go check out my website with updated son new adventures every Friday and if you love my pussy and want it check out my online boutique you can buy my replica http://mypornboutique.com/miss-raquel.html

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