Baltimore's Princess Abeni Nazeer

11:47 AM

Abeni Nazeer aka Baltimore's Princess steady on the rise expanding her  empire from producing music videos , directing, and filming for artists such as Jhonni Blaze and many more. She has stepped outside the box of  being known as just a female video director. Abeni now has her own swimwear that she custom makes called Rebela Swim that she will be releasing for all the sexy ladies and guys to surprise their lady with something sexy to wear from her brand. Abeni took her empire even further when she launched her app called Be A Boss for the ones who owns a business, interested in business or starting a business which you can download for free for your iPhone or Android today. 

Abeni Nazeer is one of the sexiest female directors out there who's also an inspiration for the ladies to go after their dreams and don't give up. She is ambitious and shows no signs in stopping anytime soon. 

 Follow her on Instagram @abeninazeer and check out

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