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Real Sugar Babies

A sugar baby is not a high priced whore but when you look online these days you would think that. I have had the hardest time dealing with men who identify themselves as sugar daddies. I don't even think most people knew what a real sugar daddy/baby relationship was until the internet became so popular. I mean, there's so much that people have heard of but had no real idea about until the internet became so big and brought real people and their lives to light. Now the internet has caused a wave of imitation and like so many other things, the influx of people jumping on a bandwagon has over saturated and watered down something beautiful.

I don't know why whores ( no offense to whores, do your job) think that selling their ass for a few dollars is considered being a sugar baby? Is it because you think it sounds classier than prostitute, escort or whore? Because it's ok to be who you are but it's not o.k. to ruin OUR thing... you don't see Me out fucking for money do you? No. Because I leave your job to you. Some people may say I'm wrong or harsh to judge but I'm not. I'm a real sugar baby who is overly offended by what she sees. I admit I'm older than I look and more experienced than I probably should be. I come from a lifestyle of growing up too fast and men providing for Me at a young age. Of course back then I didn't know the power or the sensuality and sexuality of women. I was disillusioned into thinking I had to sleep with the men who provided for Me. But sheesh I was a kid. Once I was old enough to understand human nature, men and the power I was blessed with I was quick to close My legs. 

I got My first real sugar daddy at age 20 ( I'm currently almost 34) and within a month of meeting him I had another. And they both worked in the same place WITH ME. One was white and was 43, a married biker. He was a teacher at the school I was recently hired as secretary at. He was unhappily married, been married for 5 years to a woman who used him for a green card and was living her merry little life without him for the most part. The other was 57, black a teacher and member of the clergy, married with 3 adult kids and one minor. What they both had in common other than being My co workers were that they were in loveless, lifeless marriages. Yes they were older but they weren't dead and My young, fun-loving, adventurous personality gave them life again. 

I enjoyed watching them vie for My attention with gifts and food at work. Soon they both started to do their bests to make My life easier and happier. My life became extremely interesting. I was only 20, I worked every day and I only spent money on rent. I couldn't get a chance to spe
nd My money on anything else. I used to catch the bus every day but the white one ( lets call him D) started to pick Me up from work every day and then buy Me dinner or take Me out and drive Me home. The black one ( lets call him T) started to bring me breakfast and lunch every day. On Fridays D would take Me after work to pick My son up from My parents house and on Sundays T would come pick Me and My son up and take Me to take him back. On the way home he'd give Me money, buy Me some weed to take home for Me and My boyfriend and buy Me dinner.

While I was working there someone broke into My apartment twice and it scared Me to death. D then rented Me a new apartment down the street from him and his wife so that it would be easier to pick Me up and dropping Me off. D, T and another friend all together moved Me into My new place. I was NOT sleeping with either of these men. I brought something to their lives that they weren't getting before they met Me. T and I frequented movies, bowling, went out to lunch daily and other fun activities. D and I dined out almost daily, rode his motorcycle all over the state frequented bars and all kinds of fun stuff. During the first year they were both spoiling Me D took Me on My first ever vacation. We went to Ocean City, MD for 5 days. He spoiled Me rotten, the best meals, boat rides, bike rides on the boardwalk, shopping in jewelry stores and everything else. I remember at some point realizing he had blown over $5,000 and I called home to ask My stepmom was I supposed to sleep with him. I mean we were like 9 months in and I knew how much he spent on Me and gave Me on the regular and at this point he had blown like $5,000 in a week. My step moms advice to Me was to “lay there and count My bills in My head” so I did. I felt horrible and he noticed and eventually asked Me why and I told him. I was sleeping with him because I felt like I should. He told Me I didn't have to do that. He was really good to Me. He was My best friend and benefactor for 3 years and we never had sex again. I did let him eat Me once much later one day when we were stupid high off some hash. 

D was always aware of My boyfriends and was able to guide Me and give great advice and was man enough to be there for Me as a friend when things went wrong. T and I were great friends and to this day we still are. He has been an instrumental part of My life and helping Me raise My child for the last 13.5 years. To this day he will do ANYTHING for Me, just yesterday we took My son to Easter dinner. 

A few years ago I met a great guy named Mark, he is the first guy I met online who wasn't a flake. He fell in love with Sapphire and was not upset to learn that if you deal with Me you get the real person too not just the fantasy. He was more than happy to get a peek into My real life and not the image I portrayed online. Mark took the time to learn the things that were important to Me and then made it his job to make Me happy. He lived in Jersey, I in Baltimore. He would send me lunch money at least 3 days a week via western union or green dot. UPS or the mail man brought Me gifts on an almost daily basis. I would only have to think about wanting something and it was provided. Trips, clothes, diamonds, sapphires, supporting My business, hell I said I need to move and he gave Me a check for $5,000 in My typical spoiled brat fashion I spent it. I went back I need to move still and I blew the money. He got Me another $1,500 within a week. Mark thought nothing to call in and take money from his investments and give Me. 

The only reason Mark and I parted is because I felt like our relationship was TOO draining on him. And I'm not a Domina so breaking him was no fun, While Mark and I never had sex and I've never given him a blowjob I would occasionally allow him to eat Me, I helped him explore his sexuality and open up to the fact that there were things that interested him that he had not gotten during his marriage. He fell too in love and started getting jealous of My boyfriend causing Me to break off our union and cancel a 5 city tour he had paid for as a birthday gift including an all expense paid trip to Disney Land. I got to be worried about his mental health and if I had taken more than just his heart and money but maybe his sanity. I told him we could only continue if he saw a therapist. We are still friends today. When he passes through town he still takes Me out and remembers Me on holidays.

Between D, T and Mark there have been other who have attempted to start a sugar daddy relationship with Me but not to suitable standards. See I started young, I KNOW that I don't have to fall for this crap that these guys try to pull now. The internet has ruined something beautiful. You say you're seeking a sugar daddy or enter a sugar daddy group or site and see men pretty much offering women cash for sex. Even worse I see women saying shit like “ Need a sugar daddy to pay these bills and I will please you, do favors etc” That depresses Me. Sugar babies are not whores, we are women who allow men to ADD to our lives just like we add to theirs. My bills have always been paid. I've always worked. I pay My bills and I let men take care of My luxuries. It's a sugar daddy job to improve your life , not sleep with you so you can make it from day to day. If you're sleeping with a man to pay your rent you're a prostitute. If you have a man who's been taking care of you and you actually fall for him, develop feelings and sleep with him, that's different. But you girls are quick to call strangers, some man you're just meeting a sugar daddy because he can break you off a few dollars make it hard for women like Me. 

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