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My  facebook inbox is  full of  pictures of strangers  dicks. I'm not bragging or anything, in fact I detest opening  messages and  being  bombarded by images of  random male appendages. I  immediately  block anyone who sends one but I will not lie and pretend I don't know why they sent them. Have you ever sent a sexual message to some chick you saw half naked or naked online and were shocked when she replied offended by how you approached? I bet you have, I'm a female and it's happened to me; I see a half naked or naked woman online and I assume she is baring herself for the same reason I am. It took me years to understand that  we are not all alike and not every naked or half naked woman online is a porn star, adult model, webcam girl or even in the adult entertainment field at all.

I remember when  facebook groups became popular. I was shocked, My regular facebook  newsfeed was pretty boring but once I joined some groups I found myself constantly trying to limit how much “excitement” came through My  page. I was overwhelmingly shocked by how many  beautiful, phat and freaky women were just sitting on facebook waiting to be found. In these  groups women tended to bare it all or bare so much it made you wonder why they covered anything at all. I felt like a kid in a candy store. I like many others who made adult videos, was always looking for new girls to work with and  the over saturation of adult sites can make it hard to  find or meet  people. So my excitement as I bounced from  group to group introducing myself to women was genuine. I'm looking at extremely gorgeous woman after woman ass naked and even in sexual positions and I want to make you a star. I mean you're naked on facebook for free, I couldn't wrap my mind around the fact that some of them actually only wanted to post their selves online free. 

So as woman after woman  turned me down to help them get started in the adult industry, to  show them where to post their pics to make money I seriously had to stop and  do some thinking. I realized that I had fallen into the same trap that many men  fall for online. Seeing is not always believing, sometimes you  have to  dig a little deeper. Let Me  explain to you what I mean. I've noticed there are generally 4 types of women naked online: Porn Stars, Webcam Girls, Adult Entertainers ( ie adult models/strippers/prostitutes) and average everyday neighborhood slut. I bet when I describe each to you you will start to  see and understand the difference and realize you have run across at least 3 if not all 4 types. 

Porn Star –  A porn star is a paid adult movie actor or actress. They  film pornographic movies for sale for a porn company or in some cases their own independent company. Porn stars  may have a  social networking page but very rarely interact regularly with fans for free. They are in a business where they perform  as well as making appearances for money. Their  goals are making money for making pornographic movies. It's usually easy to  recognize and actual porn star by the quality of their photos, their  large numbers of fans and followers and how impersonal their  profiles are online

Webcam Girls – A webcam  girl is a  woman who has decided to  do webcam shows to make money. Occasionally web cam girls also make xxx videos to sell online to their customers. Webcam girls are not porn stars, most have no interest in mainstream porn. Many cam girls are  married or  in stable relationship and they cam for work. Camming is a lucrative business and easy to  do from home. There are many cam girls who  do shows for straight men but are lesbians. I say this to say that the majority of cam girls have learned that camming is easier than  doing porn and you have  more control over who and what you do. A cam girl is not likely to  spend much  time chatting with you for free, nor will she  be up for casual sex. You will recognize a cam girl online by her many cam phone, or  webcam photos as well as links to her sites where you can see her work. She may often try to entice you to get off of free social networking sites to talk.

Adult Entertainers – Adult entertainers  run the gamut from strippers to models to prostitutes. Not every  adult entertainer is the same. It is extremely important to remember that. Just like when you go to the strip club, there are some girls who work the champagne room and some girls who won't go near it if you know what I mean. It's a common misjudgment of  character that all strippers are hoes, or exchange favors for money. The reality is  that  strippers are some of the hardest working women in the adult entertainment field and many would rather  shake their asses all night than lie on their backs, which is why they're in the  club to begin with. Don't get me wrong there are plenty of strippers who love to make extra cash and bigger bucks as well. Prostitutes will try to lure you in online, they will  post  provocative to  nude pics and  entice you to want them BADLY and then they will hit you with a price. They are easy to spot, they usually want to talk in private. Adult models may or may not show full nudity in still or video work. These are women you may see naked or very provocative however, there is a of huge group of adult models who JUST MODEL. Yes, they are naked but they see their nudity as nothing but another uniform or costume. 

Your Garden Variety Neighborhood Slut – She is the hardest to actually spot. She  appears to be an adult entertainer at times. She has some of the sexiest lingerie, her  makeup n hair are flawless, she has a lot of  webcam and cell phone  pics. Close ups, ass shot, bra shots, this chick will have you online stalking her page  waiting for next pic or twerk video but when you hit her up on some “How much?” “Where do you dance at?” or  “You trying to get in this video?” she is quick to get offended. She will tell you quick A. she has a man B. She  is not out there like that she just like to geek online C. She don't want everyone to see her ( as if mf's aren't copying and saving her sexy and nude pics she posted 'just for fun') Don't worry though, just like the group of women we discussed about, not every hoe is the same. For every two who are 'just posting for fun' there's one who is looking to hook up. After all she is advertising it online, SOMEONE is  going to catch her eye. She won't turn down every single offer, trust Me.

I've seen men turned  down by all four types but the fourth tends to piss guys off the most. The fourth pissed me off the most because they online doing the most, showing it all FOR FREE. Even worse, they have no interest in making money for it and THAT makes it hard on the other three types I listed above. If the ACTUAL paid adult entertainers only tease for free and make money to show the goodies or do more and you're showing off, twerking, posting sex videos for free than you're fucking with business for  the girls who actually do it for a living. And that's why your inbox is full of dicks like mine. See I know some guys  don't understand that as a webcam girl I have no interest in them past their wallets and I'm not meeting anyone. The camera is the portal to my world. But when I tell them they can easily look at my websites and understand. Yet when guys approach the average everyday hoe type the same way they approach me I can't feel bad for them. I've said more than once “ I'm in the adult entertainment industry and you everyday chicks are online showing way more more than I do free.” I've said “damn  this is facebook why the fuck are ya'll naked it's places to get money for that shit” but hey you can't  turn a hoe into a porn star ( unless she wants it). Just remember as the saying goes “There's levels to this shit”. Every naked chick online isn't a porn star nor a freak ass hoe, there's plenty of both and more categories in between.

Written By
Sexy Sapphire

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