EXCLUSIVE: Road Side Loving By @sexysapphire

9:00 PM

“I had  so much fun. Wait wait up, let me take off my shoes.” Stumbling  Mia pulled off her shoes balancing herself  against a nearby wall. “It’s my birthday, you can’t leave me”, she whined. Her  friend Valerie and her date, Jonathan were slightly up ahead. Neither  seemed to  have  drank  as much as  she did but hey, it was her birthday party. “Girl calm down. No  one is leaving  you. Take all the time you need.” Jonathan called over his  shoulder laughing. Valerie giggled too “You ok mami? She asked concerned. “I’m horny” Mia screamed “and it’s my birthday. Jonathan and Valerie laughed in unison. “Looks  like you’re going to have a long night.” Valerie swatted at Jonathan’s shoulder. “That girl has way too much energy.” Valerie laughed again  looking back at Mia who was  barefoot and stumbling down the street behind them. “I’m parked In that garage  right there,” Valerie  pointed across the street as she started to cross. 

“Hold my shoes please” Mia thrust her heels  towards Jonathan. “I’m going to walk her to her  um  car…yea.” Mia was slurring her words. “Maybe I shouldn’t let you ladies walk up alone baby. Ya’ll been  drinking.” He  told her concerned, grabbing  her by the hand. Mia stopped and  smiled back at him, “It’s ok baby I’m a big  girl. Besides I’m mean grrr”, she  growled  mockingly. “No seriously baby, wait right here. She’s on the first  level. We’ll be right out.” Mia  assured him leaning over to plant a tiny  kiss on his lips.

They were halfway  to the  car when  Valerie blurted out “ I’m horny too damn. I might have to stop at Marcus  job on the way home and  get a quickie.” They  both laughed. “That  Jonathan  of yours is  awesome. He  was  fun tonight. I like ya’ll together.” Mia smiled, “I really like him, we been seeing each other for quite a while though. I’m gonna  screw his brains out when I get him back to my place mmmm.” Mia squeezed her legs together and  danced around playfully. “Girl get your silly ass in this car before he come looking for us.” Valerie swiped at Mia, pushing her towards the car. 

The  girls  jumped in the car and blasted the music as they pulled out of the parking garage. Jonathan was waiting where they left him, smiling. “Ok  girl be  safe and  text me  when you get home.” Mia  called out to Valerie and  she  pulled off. “And what  are you smiling so hard about sir?” Mia asked Jonathan linking her arm in his. “Where did you  park?” she looked up  and  down the  street for his  car. “ About a block over that way.” He pointed to the  left and they crossed the  street  to find the car. “I’m still waiting for an answer you know.” Mia chided Jonathan. Jonathan chuckled. “ An answer to what?” He questioned. Mia stopped walking and looked up at him, “Whatever, don’t play. That look. You were smiling the goofiest  smile when I came out of the  garage, what’s up with that. Jonathan smiled and  laughed deep, “Oh… that. Well I was thinking of what I want to do to you later.” Mia looked up and smiled, “Ooh it must have been  good because you  had the biggest dumb ass smile on your  face.” she joked. 
They arrived at the car and he opened the door to let her in before  getting in on the drivers side. “Do you know how to  get to my  house  from  down here?” She asked,  buckling her seat belt. Rolling the window down he looked over at her, “ No worries I  got  it, you just enjoy the ride.” Mia leaned her head back to  do just that. She had  drank a magnum of  champagne almost to herself along with a few mixed drinks. Head spinning, Mia enjoyed reclining in the seat while the wind whipped her hair and the music played softly. Her  eyes were closed  so  she didn’t  see Jonathan’s  hand creeping  across the seat before it  was in her  lap. His hand slid up her  dress and stroked the crotch  of her panties. Mia moaned as her back arched slightly. “You’re naughty.” she smiled, spreading her legs and closing her eyes once more.

Jonathan’s hand continued to stroke at her crotch until moistness started to creep through. “Mmm somebody is  wet. You like  me  stroking that  kitty huh?” His  voice was  smooth. He slid  her panties to the side, exposing her  bald wet  pussy, lips engorged and  glistening in the moonlight. “Oh you shaved for me did you? She looks  so  damn tasty.” Suddenly he pulled over to the side of the  road, “Turn around,” he told her. “Let me eat that pretty pussy right here.” He  grabbed her  by the waist before she  could resist and pushed her dress up above her waist and pushing her panties further to the side. He dove in face first in  her  crotch, letting his  tongue  lap  at her  pussy  furiously before  slowing  down to  savor the  delicate treat in front of him. His tongues traced the insides of  her lips, sucked and  nibbled at her fleshy folds. Mia  squirmed  above him,  moaning  and  squealing  as Jonathan licked her  clit fervently.

Just as Mia  exploded all over his face and  chin he  sat  up and  wiped  his face off with  his  shirt tail “Damn that’s good pussy” he told her putting the  car in gear and merging into traffic leaving her stunned and trying to  gather herself. “Wtf was that? Damn baby.” Mia panted, trying to  catch her breath and pulling her  dress  back  down. She  couldn’t help but  wonder if  anyone had  seen them, had wondered why they were pulled over on the side if the  road like that. “That shit was hot,” she told him, running her hand  on his crotch. Mia unzipped his  slacks smiling  up at him, “I want to return the  favor.” She dipped her  head to take  him into her mouth as he  drove.

Flying  down the  highway  Mia sucked Jonathan’s  dick  slowly, cupping the balls as he mouth moved up and down the  throbbing  shaft. One hand on the  steering wheel, one hand on the back of Mia’s head Jonathan  guided  him self  in and out of  her mouth, please  to feel the back of her  throat  as he fucked her face. She was a pro, stroking him slowly and steadily  while she  licked and  sucked  his  hot rod, drool running  down her  chin. In unison her hands and  mouth pumped his  rock hard  dick in her mouth until te car started to swerve  back and  forth. “ I better  stop before I get us killed” she laughed kissing the tip of his penis and licking her lips. “let me  put  him away,” she leaned over to  readjust his pants and  put his exposed penis away.

Before  she  could  zip them  he  grabbed her hand, “No point in that”, he told her as  he pulled the car back over the side of the road. “You sucked this dick like you want this dick and you gonna get this  dick.” he  reached over and released her  from  her seat belt and  leaned her seat back. Sliding over to the passenger side  he  pushed her dress up and slid into her  soaking wet  pussy. Her tightness gripped him and he groaned loudly, sinking deeper into her wetness. He stroked in and  out of her  juicy hole, the  sounds of their  bodies  smacking together filling the car and mixing  with her moans. 
Jonathan  gripped Mia’s ass firmly as he  fucked her hard and  fast on the  side of the  road. Legs in the  air Mia’s body bucked back, rising  to  meet his  every thrust. Her vaginal  walls pulled at him tightly. 

Leaning down to kiss her deep as his hands explored her body under her  frilly party  dress. “You feel  so good”, Mia murmured between kisses. “So  do you baby. So  do you”,  Jonathans  voice was a deep  growl. He  stoked in and out  of  her fast,  pushing her legs  back as his pace quickened. “I’m about to  cum baby shittttt”, a gurgle and  groan escaped him as  he  shot his  load into her  quivering walls filling her  with  his hot gooey cum. “Damn you  are such a  nasty  girl”, pulling out he  moved back to the drivers side of the  car and merged into traffic once more leaving Mia sprawled out in the passenger seat. He looked over and  blew a kiss, “ Hope you enjoyed that  birthday  girl.” he told her right before she passed out. 

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