Brittany Harris ( @iAMPRETTYRED ) Exclusive Interview

11:32 PM

Name: Brittany Harris

Nationality: Panamanian, Japanese, & Black

Measurements: 28-34-42

Place of Birth/Location Now: Born in Decatur, Ga but I currently live in West Palm Beach, Fl

Twitter : @iamprettyred

Instagram: @iamprettyred

How long have you been modeling/ how did you get started? 

1 1/2 years and I initially started out by doing photo shoots.

What do you hate/love about modeling? 

I hate how everyone has this misconception about models because we are not all the same nor did we get our big break the same. I LOVE to be in front of the camera & being able to network with various individuals therefore that's what I enjoy most about it.

What’s your routine when preparing for a shoot?

 Finding a dope outfit to shoot in first & from there I go and have my hair styled, nails & toes done, and lastly applying small touches of make up on.

 Who are some of the photographers you work with already? 

Studio Marz, Winifred Strickland, Lionel Barnes, Cato & Eric Morales.

  Do you have photographers that you would like to work with? 

Yes I do have several from NY, Atlanta, to LA.


Do have any magazines that you will like to be in?

 Straight Stuntin, Blackmen, Smooth, & Fyne Girlz

 What magazines have you been featured in already? 

ACE Magazine (2x) Flyer Promo Now (2x) Elm Magazine and BADD Magazine.

Modeling is a big teaser, are you a teaser or right to the point type of person?

 I am a very up front and straight to the point type of person.

When it comes to modeling, what is your limit?

 I will not do nudity. Lingerie is about as far as I will go.

Are you wifey material?

 Yes I am. Outside from the modeling world I am a very accomplished woman. I currently serve in the US Army, I work as a nurse, beginning a clothing line, and I am a full-time mommy. I love to cook and I know how to clean. Lol I'm a well rounded female I would say.

If your partner could touch you in one place and turn you on, what would that place be? My neck

 What body part of yours attracts the most attention?

 I'd say my smile & eyes, but I think everyone else would say my booty.

Even if you're not bi/gay every girl has a girl crush, who's yours? 

Well no I am not bi/gay but I'd have to say that my friend Wankaego is pretty gorgeous!

Preferred type of underwear? 


What do you like more: 69, receive or giving? Receiving

 Where do you see yourself 5 years from now in your modeling career?

 I see myself published in several magazines, featured in several videos, but most importantly managing my own clothing line Gôrjəs Ambishən worldwide.

 Any Shout Outs?

 God for giving me the ability to do what I do. My three beautiful babies Arianna, Ta'Kari, & Re'Niyah, Finally I'd like to give a shout out to all of the photographers that I've had the opportunity to shoot with & all of the magazines and artist that have allowed me to grace there publications and videos with my presence, and the individuals I will encounter in the near future in the industry itself.

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