Check Out @MsMimiJodam Exclusive Interview

8:11 PM


What's your name?

Mimi Jodam

Where are you from?

Lanham, Maryland

What’s your ethnicity?


What are your measurements?


 How long have you been modeling?

For about a year now

Who are some of the photographers you work with already?

 2020 photography
Studio Marz
Sean Cummings
Mq images

Do you have photographers that you would like to work with?

Neef fresh

What’s your routine when preparing for a shoot?

I make sure I do as little so I won't look tired and eat as little so I won't look bloated lol.

Have you been in any music videos?

 No I haven't!

Do you have a favorite music artist that you would like to be featured in their music video?
Chris brown
Rick Ross
The list can go on lol

Do have any magazines that you will like to be in?

Straight stuntin
Hip Hop weekly

What magazines have you been featured in already?

 Show and Rising Star

What are some places you will like to travel too?


What are some of the places you travel to already?


When you have time to yourself, what do you like to do?

I like to read lol

What makes you different from the other models that are already in the business?

I can say my background and where I'm from.

What are some special characteristics about you that most don’t know?

That I understand Japanese

Are you single?
Yes I am!

 What kind of guys do you like?


Are you more focus on your career than having a guy right now?

More focused on my career, guys can wait lol

What turns you on?

Intelligence and well groomed

What turns you off?
Bad breath

Do you have any hidden talents?
 Ballet and tap

What would you consider a need and not a want you cannot go a week without?

Lipstick! Lol

What is your favorite part of your body?

My lips

What do you think fans would think what's your favorite body part is?

 My lips all the way lol

Do you have a favorite sexual fantasy?

Hmmm ;)

What’s your favorite position and why?

 Really don't have a favorite lol

What’s something that drives you crazy during sex?

 Choking lol

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now in your modeling career?

 Well established and most likely branch off to movies/tv

Do you have a website?

Do you have any thank you’s that you would like to say?

Thank you to my BFF Brenda T. !

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