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12:16 PM

Name: Alicia Luv

Nationality: Creole, Spanish

Measurements: 36c , 27w, 41h

Place of Birth/Location Now: Dallas, Dallas

How long have you been modeling/ how did you get started?

 For 4 /5 started doing promotions for artist and night clubs, then videos and then started getting published in magazines

What do you hate/love about modeling?

 I hate running into photographers who cant be professional, that try to sleep with you if your job is photography you may have to fight it being around alot of beautiful women and its all about respect, we should be able to shoot with photographers with trust not walking in with the thought of ..mmh I wonder if he’s going to try me not good for business...and what i love about modeling, i love seeing the finish project from photos to me acting in a video it reminds me how talented I am behind the lens, I’ve been told I have a switch that turns on when that light comes on, lol I don’t know I love creating something new and in modeling everything you do to keep your fans attention has to be new

Who are some of the photographers you work with already?

 AP from Perry Designs, Andre Carter from Aikema Photography, Infamy from oh my Photography Urbanstar Pictures, Ap7 studios, and Gary Alridge 817 images

Do you have photographers that you would like to work with?

 Facet studios, D. Brown, and Alcole studios

When it comes time for a photo shoot, what gets you hyped?

 I’m actually not hyped until I get in position and the camera is rolling

What are some special characteristics about you that most don’t know?

 I am very observant I can pick up on peoples personality real fast and I am very passionate and driven

Everyone have their on rules they live by, name a rule you made for yourself that you try to live by?

 Never give someone a reason that can be anything like for ex ample for work, I say, "never give them a reason to fire you" or with the business, "never give them a reason not to believe in you, if you believe in you, then show them"

Do have any magazines that you will like to be in?

 Blackmen, Show Magazine, and King Magazine

What magazines have you been featured in already? 

Two issues of Sobeit magazine, Undiscovered Magazine, Stacks Model inc., Uh mag online, Model modele online

Modeling is a big teaser, are you a teaser or right to the point type of person?

 Some what of a teaser, I still try to respect myself if that makes sense. I get alot of guys that will try me just because i put a half naked picture up just because the picture is saying come get it don’t mean you will get the same invitation in person so easy

When it comes to modeling, what is your limit?

 Umm I’ve done nude photos, but they were artistics shots covering up the goods, buy I will not do completely nude showing the goods

Relationship Status: ha, I’m so private for a reason, but I’m not single

Are you wifey material? 

Hell yes!! I’m a good listener, I may brag but i don’t nag, I can cook, I’m very affectionate, and I’m just so lovable who wouldn’t get attached

What is your turn offs and turn ons? Turn off a liar, turn on is intelligence

If your partner could touch you in one place and turn you on, what would that place be? 

Lol dirttyy, my secret garden aka my va jay jay is the only spot and of course my spine

Ever had a one-night stand? No not really I always know the person first before doing anything

Lights on or lights off? Off

What is your favorite part of your body? My waist

What body part of yours attracts the most attention? Does face count lol, no um I would say My legs

Even if you're not bi/gay every girl has a girl crush, who's yours?

 Omg I never actually thought of that but Imma name someone that maybe on the list for some , Rhianna!

Top 5 favorite sexual positions:

Doggy style, riding, riding while he stands and holds me lol, and the spooning position so he can kiss my back while he back there (wink)

Name the most craziest place your ever had sex?

Office building on the 9 th floor in a vacant office with the moonlight shining in, that made me feel some type of way

Which one is better: booty calls or make up sex? Make up sex

Preferred type of underwear?


What do you like more: 69, receive or giving? RECEIVING

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now in your modeling career?

Hopefully my career takes off where I haven’t just branded my name here in Dallas but worldwide, once that happens more doors for movies and videos will open for me

Any Shout Outs? 

Shout out to Stacks Model Inc and to my lovely beyond missed father resting in heaven I love you

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