Strawberry SiSi Exclusive Q & A interview

9:45 AM

Q: What's your name ?

A: Strawberry SiSi

Q :Where are you from?

A : I'm from Naptown but I reside in Los Angeles, Ca

Q: What are your measurements?

A: 36-27-40

Q : How long have you been modeling?

A : Almost two years

Q: : How did you get started in modeling?

A : It started as a hobby/more of a challenge to myself to get published in certain magazines.

Q : Who are some of the photographers you worked with already?

A: My favorite photographer that I've worked with thus far is Donnell Marsh aka Urban Soul Photography! I've also worked with 707 MultiMedia, Rdigital Photography, MQI Images, 2020 Photography, Facet Studio, etc just to name a few!

Q: Do you have any photographers that you would like to work with?

A: I'd like to work with all the hottest photographers, Lets work!

Q: What’s your routine when preparing for a shoot?

A: I don't have a routine, each situation is different. I just remember to be on time, professional & ready for whatever!

Q: Have you been in any music videos?

A: A couple, but no lead roles yet so technically to me they don't count!

Q: Do you have a favorite music artist that you would like to be featured in their music video?

A: Any Atlanta artist, they know how to turn it up!! I dig Southern music!!!!

Q: Do have any magazines that you will like to be in?

A: I'd like to be in Show, King, Smooth, Blackmen, Dub, Coast 2 Coast, etc

Q: What magazines have you been featured in already?

A: Stunnaz, FBM, JLP, Midwest Leak, Twenty4Seven, GEI, etc

Q: What are some places you would like to travel too?

A: Turks n Caicos, Bora Bora, Paris, Brazil, Egypt, etc...I want to travel the world!

Q: Where have you traveled too already?

A: Miami, Atlanta, Vegas, St. Louis, Alabama, Chicago, Tennessee, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Bahamas, etc

Q: When you have time to yourself, what do you like to do?

A: Travel & shop!

Q: What are some special characteristics about you that most don’t know?

A: I'm real, honest, & down to earth. I'm college educated, very independent & easy to get along with!

Q: What turns you on?

A: Bosses about their business!

Q: What turns you off?

A: Lying, hating, broke, negative people!

Q: Are you single?

A: Yessssssssss

Q: What kind of guys or girls do you like?

A: Bosses with sex appeal are the best! I'm into men & men only!

Q: What is your favorite part of your body?

A: I love these long ass legs of mine..they're so sexy, with scars & all!

Q: What do you think fans would think is your favorite body part?

AL My booty...I'm always showing it, which means my sexy legs are always showing too.

Q: Do you have a favorite sexual fantasy?

A: We can do it anywhere!

Q: What’s your favorite position and why?

A: Getting smacked from the feels so right!!!!

Q: How important is oral sex to you?

A: It's not that big of a deal. I'd rather feel something big inside any day. Don't get me wrong it's a great feeling as well.

Q: What’s something that drives you crazy during sex?

A: I like it rough.. Switching positions to keep it going!

Q: What are your “Do’s” & “Don’ts” in the bedroom?

A: Make it nasty, don't be scared!

Q: What can your fans expect from you in the future?

A: More features (digital, print, videos) & more merchandise! I'm building a brand!

Q: Do you have a website?

Q: Do you have any thank you’s that you would like to say?

A: God first, family, friends, fans Thank You!

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