Nevaeh Queen Exclusive Q & A Interview

9:03 PM

Q:What’s your name?

A: Hello hun I'm Nevaeh Queen

Q: Where are you from?

A: I'm from Detroit MI

Q:What are your measurements?

A: My measurements are 36D-25-45

Q: How long have you been modeling?

A: I've been Modeling of an on for about 2 an a half years 

Q: What’s your routine when preparing for a shoot?

A: Lots of water 2-3 days before my shoot all I drink is water maybe a drink here an there but mostly water. I go looking for outfits in a variety of places try to find something unique and I have my go to modeling duffel bag. Where I prep a good week before my shoot with the basics other than that I just go an have a good time at my shoot an music is a must on set :) I like to dance while I shoot.

Q: Do have any magazines that you will like to be in?

A: I would love to be in King, AS-IS, Smooth, Black Men, Maxim, 50/Fifty, Dime Piece, 
Sweets,and Don Diva just to name a few but I have my eye on a few 

Q: What magazines have you been featured in already?

A: I was featured in Hair Design #50 

Q: What are some places you will like to travel too?

A: I've traveled to alot of places but I really want to go to Puerto Rico and Italy 

Q: What are some of the places you travel to already?

A: I've been to NY, Kentucky Louisville, Chi town ,Vegas ,Miami, Texas and Hawaii 

Q: When you have time to yourself, what do you like to do?

A: Relax listing to some music watch a move or just chill with friends have a few drinks might go to a club or lounge. 

Q: What are some special characteristics about you that most don’t know?

A: I'm a silly girl an a town boy. I love video games an also have a fashion line in the works and I am getting my tattooing certification.

Q: Do you have anything other than modeling that you will like to do?

A: I love to draw an design let it be tatts clothing or just something random an I'm a really good cook if I'm not working drawing or playing video games with some friends I'm cooking. 

Q: Are you

A: Yes I am 

Q: What turns you on?

A: Having an intelligent convo if you can get my mind going Is a real big turn on for me. 

Q: What turns you off?

A: People not doing anything with there life sitting around doing nothing an pure ignorance's an not knowing how to talk 

Q: What is your favorite part of your body?

A: My ass I must say lol

Q: Do you have a website?

A: Its in the making under development 

Q: Do you have any shout out’s that you would like to say?

To my Photographers Wayne Grace @WayneGracePhoto, Duane Johnson @famemensmag, Naiche ArrivestePhotos @ArriVestePhotos also a great PR an mintor My Hair Stylest Alonzo Palmer @alonzopalmer make up Joelle be looking out for his mag coming out called Urban Glamer I will be featured in there Stunnaz mag I will be in a future issue 504dymes my sister Betsey Cash @BetseyCash some of my close friends Kim Stampley @kimstamp1, JasOMG @JasOMG119, Jessica @AnnJrose, Arabia @Adore_Arabia, JUICY BadAss @Juicy_BadAss, Jasmine Juice J @JASMINEJUICYJ, Ebony LaVette @EbonyLaVette, Carmel Brown @j9carmelbrown, and Egypt @Egypt_Kold 

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