Krissy Nasha Exclusive Q & A Interview

12:30 PM

Q: What’s your name?

A: Krissy Nasha' (Nuh-shay)

Q: Where are you from?

A: Born and raised in Salisbury, MD but residing in San Diego, CA

Q: What are your measurements? 

A: 34DD-28-42 

Q:How long have you been modeling?

A: Approximately 2 years now..

Q: How did you get started in modeling?

A: I started off as a guinea pig for an upcoming photographer.

Q: Who are some of the photographers you work with

A: I love working with Trill Reloaded, Urban Soul Photography, Facet Studios, and FFTV1 

Q: Do you have photographers that you would like to
work with?

A: I would love to work with 20/20 Photography, MQ Images and Studio Marz 

Q: What’s your routine when
preparing for a shoot?

A: Hair, Make Up, Wardrobe, Turn on My Favorite Music Playlist and the adding baby oil if necessary for that shoot.

Q: Have you been in any music videos?
Just a few local videos

A: If so, what are the names of the music videos?

The only major video I'm in is a friend named Tommy Redding "Her Song" video but I've been considering getting more into videos lately.

Q: Do you have a favorite music artist that you would
like to be featured in their music video?

A: I figure most girls want to be that lead girl playing a man's woman in a video but I've always wanted to play like the best friend to a female artist in a video like Rihanna or something similar.

Q: Do have any magazines that you will like to be in?

A: I've always wanted to be in XXL, Black Mens Magazine, Show Magazine, Source and Smooth Magazine

Q: What magazines have you been featured in already?

A: I've been featured in Dream Girls, Fannatic, Vixens, Stunnaz, Naked Hustle, Eighty 6, AsIs and few upcoming releases I'll let you wait on. :-)

Q: What are some places you will like to travel too?

A: I enjoy traveling outside of the country. Its just peaceful and everything is simply new to me so I always want to try going to new places outside of the country. Inside the country I would say I've never been to Miami, FL .. New York, New York and Seattle, WA .. their all places I'd love to visit. 

Q: What are some of the places you travel to already?

A: I've been to India, Bahrain, Dubai, Okinawa, Sasebo, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Fukuoka, Tokyo, Nagasaki and I think that's it.

Q: When you have
time to yourself, what do you like to do? 

A: To be honest.. I love peace and quiet. No portable electronics, no clubs, partying and alcohol. Just me, a blanket and tv with good movies playing.

Q: What are some special characteristics about you that most
don’t know?

A: I am a songwriter as well as an aspiring artist.

Q: Do you have anything that you haven't done yet
that you will like to do?

A: I've been dying to go rock climbing and sky diving. They are definitely on my to do list.

Q: Now you’re also a singer/songwriter, how long you
been doing that?

  A: Geesh.. I've been writing since I was a girl, rapping and singing. I would test out my hip hop flows on the bus and the appropriate music I would sing every 3rd Sunday at church.When I transitioned to Cali I met a wonderful man that I love dearly thats like my brother named Ray C. Ever since I've met him, he's inspired and push me to do greater with my musical talents and thats where I stand today. I'm now a part of a group called Special Order Music Group. We're not a singing group, were just a collaboration of many talents from rappers, engineers, writers, singers and beat makers that work together, we're family.

Q: How would you describe your music style?

A: I would have to describe it as extremely versatile. I'm into EVERYTHING literally.

Q: When can your fans expect that mixtape/album because you
sing so good? 

    A: Ahahahaha.. to be honest, I'm going to start on my EP album preferably in December but no later than January. I've just been writing lately for others and within my group for a few other projects.

Q: Where your new fans can go to check out your music?
A: My website is where my most recent music is but like I've said, I've been writing a lot lately and I don't have the authority to leak the music I've written for others. It will be revealed once they all finish up their projects.

Q: Are you
single or taken?

A: Wouldn't everyone LOVE to know the answer to that.. lol

Q: What turns you on?

A: A man fully clothed with impeccable fashion. A man with confidence that doesn't talk much but just seems suspicious and an intelligent man that makes wise decisions. 

Q: What turns you off?

A: A man with dreams and no ambition.. a man that acts as a boy and man that begs for attention.

Q: What is your favorite part of your body?

A: My honestly don't have a favorite part on my body.. it just all goes together I guess.

Q: What do you think fans would think what's your
favorite body part is?

A: Definitely my backside.. lol

Q: Do you have a favorite sexual fantasy?

A: The only fantasy I haven't fulfilled is sex on a warm private beach under the moonlight.

Q: What’s your favorite position and why?

A: Oh gosh.. It would have to be face down ass up .. I like the slapping noise from behind. LMBO but I'm so serious.

Q: What’s something that drives you crazy during

A: Slapping noise .. not the slap me with your hand noise.. the flesh slapping up against each other noise. Lol

Q: What are your “Do’s” & “Don’ts” in the

A: There are no do's and dont's in the bedroom .. fun sex has no limits unless its just disgusting or umbearable kind of pain but I haven't witnessed limits yet thus far.

Q: What can your
fans expect from you in the future?

A: More more more magazine and website features, acting and my music.

Q: Do you have a website?

Q: Do you have any thank you’s ? 

A: I always thank my management Mics and Models but I also have to give a few other thanks to my family and friends, the photographers I've worked with, magazines and websites that's showed me love, and Q ... they've all made it possible or me.

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