King Russ Exclusive Interview

10:12 AM

               I have a special guest who goes by the name of King Russ who is a rapper. That just released a mixtape entitled “Punch 4 Punch” which is the Deluxe Edition and follow-up to #IAMKing. Circulating singles by King Russ include: “Greetings” his introduction to the music industry, “Finish This” which in his words is “the rebirthing of Hip-Hop”, “Let It Go” an R&B track and “Watch Em Twerk” a club anthem touted as the fourth most tweeted song in music. With over 11,000 Twitter followers and 113,000 video views on YouTube, King Russ exhibits industry presence,innovative rap style, a passion for perfecting his performance, and an unwavering drive for rap stardom. 

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