Kenex & YaYa Feat. Guest Co Host Tampa Mystic

2:29 AM


Ayana Tribitt (YaYa)

For this another episode of Naughty Down Advice. I have a special guest who goes by the name of Kenex who is a rapper from Berkley, California, but raised in East Oakland's (96th and Hillside). Who has a amazing single called Lookin At Me. Also I have another guest that goes by the name of YaYa who is a songwriter and singer who's apart of a two part singer-songwriting duo called "2 Baroque Girls. Also I have special guest co host who goes by the name of Tampa Mystic who is is a driven individual in every way possible when it comes to getting the job done and pushing harder for what she believes in. When it comes to marketing, promotions, and PR work for independent artists she handles that well. Along side with DJ Short-e she manages and books artists and also hosts events for Hot4Eva Entertainment.

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