1:27 AM

           For this another episode of Naughty Down Advice. I have a special guest goes by the name of Clov who is rapper from Newark N.J. which wasn't the easiest transition for a young man. Perennially known as one of the most dangerous cities in the United States, Clov consistently found himself in numerous scraps with the law, catching cases in both New York and his hometown. By the age of 13 he started to adopt rap as his new form of expression but after a 2000 charge Clov decided to start putting pen to paper seriously and use music as a means to soothe the proverbial beast within him. Studying musical influences such as New Jersey staples Naughty by Nature and The Fugees especially Lauren Hill, Clov dived head first into the world of music. Which spawned the first mix tape "Showtime (Dreams of Being Famous". A project that not only introduced the world to Clov but also exhibited a level of versatility that is rare in most artist nowadays let alone new ones. Tracks like "High off my Music" and "Cause I Hustle" showed the different skills that he has and much more.

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