Allie Baby

9:26 AM

              For this another episode of Naughty Down Advice. I have a pecial guest that goes by the name of Allie Baby who is a singer/ songwriter that grew up on a fifth generation farm in southern Ohio. Although she grew up singing the national anthem at local games and events and was heavily involved in music at church and in school she began to pursue it more seriously when she was a senior in college. While studying Political Science in Dayton, Ohio she started singing with a local cover band on the weekends for some extra cash. Then She teamed up with keyboardist and songwriter Terry O'Brien - who has since founded Tri-LevelRecords - to write and record a few songs. Those couple of songs turned into a full-length album and the single "Don't Wanna Wait" was debuted on over fifty stations across the U.S. She also gained exposure through local papers and internet radio. A few months later Allie put her Capitol Hill aspirations aside and moved to Los Angeles. Within a matter of months she had a backing band and was performing throughout L.A. Allie has been an in-house songwriter for prominent studios in L.A., had a residency at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel this past summer, and is currently recording a soul album for a label overseas, and much more. 

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