MeeSo™ BO$$ DIVA

9:13 AM

             For this another episode of Naughty Down Advice. I have a special guest who goes by the name MeeSo who is a song writer and rapper. Who has been affiliated with other rap indie groups (majority male members) and though they all embraced MeeSo as an important element with the "Female" Rap and Song writing skills she possesses, the situations have yet to prevail in her favor. She is determined to be successful with or without a "camp" of other male Rap artists to solidify her passion & skill though she enjoys the feeling of "First Lady". Defining her name as "Me" "Solo", MeeSo brings a new original sound over smooth melodic tracks and also brings attitude and aggression to any track with high energy, she carries a voice full of confidence! Her music style is described as a "Hybrid" between the original soul and feeling of Hip Hop and the presence and demeanor of your favorite Rap icon.

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