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Q:What’s your name?

 A:My name is Clov

Q:Where are you from?

 A: I'm from Newark N.J.

Q:How would you describe your music style?

 A: I make music based on my life and what's going on around me. So my music is real but if you call being real a style then my style is real

Q: How long have you been recording music?

A:  I have been recording since I was about 12 I started on a karaoke machine and when I turned about 15 I got in the studio

Q:Do you have any recent mixtapes, you just did?

A: Yes, I have Grayscale I dropped that last year and my most recent which is Bluecupmusic vol.1 which is my most recent project .

Q: How many tracks are on your recent mixtape?

A: I had 16 tracks on my last Mixtape.

Q:Who have been featured on your recent and past mixtapes?

A: I had arsonal da rebel, neako, taxg, chris shaw, chaos, and big osh but those are all artist outside of my crew that I decided to work with 

Q: Do you have any music videos off those mixtapes?

A: I shot about 3 videos for Grayscale and also 3 for Bluecupmusic

Q: Do you have anyone you will like to work with in music?

A:I want to work with smoke dza, asap rocky, currensy, rihanna, and John legend

Q: Do you have any music available on itunes?

A: No, but I have a lot music on my website

Q: Are you an unsigned artist?

A: Yes, I'm independent

Q: WDo you have a specific label you will like to sign with?

A:No specific labels as long as I get respect, good promotion, marketing,and room to grow.

Q:What haven’t you done in 2011 that you want to get done in 2012 in your career?

A:More business ventures and put more music out and also keep my supporters more update.

Do you have any thank you’s that you would like to say?

Thanks for the interview and I also appreciate the fact that you support indie artist !!!!

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