Brittney Quianna

9:05 PM

Q: What’s your name?

A: Most commonly known as Brittney Quianna

Q:Where are you from?

A: Originally I'm from Los Angeles, CA. But I went to school and grew up in both Tucson, AZ and Winston-Salem, NC. 

Q: How long have you been modeling?

A: Almost 6 years now

Q: What’s your routine when
preparing for a shoot?

A: I like to have a variety of options on a shoot. Even though themes are planned prior to the shoot, things can change once I'm on set and I may be inspired to try something else. So I make sure I have lots of back up clothes, accessories, etc to tweek things if I want to. Music always sets the mood too. If I'm doing a sexier shoot like lingerie or swimsuit, I'll probably blast some Rihanna or Beyonce.

Q: What’s your genre of modeling?

A: I have a very versatile portfolio. When I first started modeling, my primary focus was High Fashion and Editorial. Now that I've matured a lot over the years, I've accumulated everything from High Fashion/Editorial to swimsuit, lingerie, and commercial. Now, I've discovered that print work (magazines, ad campaigns, etc.) is what really leaves a lasting impression. It forces people to not only see your work, but remember you. 

Q: Have
you done runway before?

A: Runway used to be my passion, especially when I first started out. There's something intensifying about being on the Runway. I never get nervous before a show. I always have a rush of adrenaline before I step on the catwalk. 

Q: Have you done fashion shows?

A: That's all I ever used to do! Every week, sometimes multiple times a week, I was always on someone's runway!

Q: Do have any magazines that you will like to be in?

A: Absolutely! I have a few spreads in local magazines, but I definitely would love to grace the covers of Vogue, Essence, and Vanity Fair (just to name a few) one day.

Q: What are some places you will like to travel ?

A: I love to travel! So honestly any chance I get to travel anywhere, I'm on it. It could be as simple as going to California, I'll hop on a plane in a minute. I've always wanted to visit Dubai. That place is so beautiful from what I've seen and heard. So that's definitely on my bucket list. Along with Brazil, Costa Rica, Paris, and Rome.

Q: What are some of the places you travel to already?

A: Well fortunately I have the great benefit of flying free so there aren't many places in the U.S. I haven't been to yet.

Q: I see you are an actress, what movies have you been in?

A: I just started acting a little over a year ago so most importantly I've been taking classes to strengthen my acting skills. Any good actor/actress knows that you can never learn enough. Even Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep still take classes. However, I'm not a rookie. I've done several commercials such as Verizon and Duke Energy, 2 short films titled Recess and How to Love a Sista, and one feature film titled Sleeping Around. Not bad to only be a year into the game.

Q: What kind of movies would you like to be in?

A: I want to do it all. I imagine myself doing Action films. But I would love to be in a Drama, Romance, and a Comedy would be a lot of fun as well. Everything! An actress worth crediting should be able to portray anything. 

Q: What kind of roles would you will like play ?

A: I would like to play a role that emphasizes the power of a woman. I think the decade we're living in, there's a vast array of woman really coming into their own, and owning feminity and power. For so long we've dwelled in a male dominated world, and I think it's time to give women the credit they deserve. A man might be the head of the house, but the woman surely is the neck... Behind every successful man, is a great woman.

Q: Do you have anything other than modeling you will like to do?

A: I grew up as an athlete. A lot of people don't know that about me and sometimes don't believe me when I tell them LOL. I played basketball for about 14 years and ran track for about 6 years. I was also a dancer for 11 years. That's one thing my parents could never do was keep me still. I don't play sports any more but dancing is something I'll never stop doing. 

Q: When you have time to yourself, what do you like to do?

A: I'm a very spiritual person, so I love to keep myself spiritually fed. I do a lot of praying, meditating, and reading my Bible. I don't always get the opportunity to attend church every week, but I make sure I catch up on what I miss every week by watching sermons online. I think it's so important, especially in the entertainment industry, to keep yourself grounded. It's easy to get caught up in unhealthy lifestyles, so I make sure I spend quality time with God to prevent that from happening to myself.

Q: What are some special characteristics about you that most
don’t know?

A: That's a very good question... I'm pretty open about who I am so there aren't a lot of "hidden" things about me. I guess a lot of people haven't experienced my sense of humor, except those closest to me. When I'm working, I'm all about my business and professionalism. Not saying that I'm always serious but I do take work serious. But when I'm not working, I'm such a goofball. I love to laugh and make everyone around me laugh.

Q: Do you have anything other than modeling you are doing?

A: Other than acting, I do PR and Event Planning.

Q: What is your favorite part of your body?

A: Just one? LOL... If I had to pick, I would say my smile is my best physical trait, or so I've been told. 

Q: Are you single?

A: As a Dollar bill! Lol I am currently single, and Loving it! I'm in a really great place in life where a relationship is really not even on the itinerary for me right now. I'm so blessed to be doing what I love, and when you're busy doing what you love, everything else will fall into place. When the time is right, and when I'm ready, I'm sure the right man will present himself to me.

Q: What kind of guys do you like ?

A: Men who are highly ambitious, hardworking, and humble. A man who knows what he wants out of life, and has a plan to achieve his goals is very attractive. Also a man that respects, supports, and encourages everything that I want to do in life.

Q: What turns you on?

A: Physically, a smile. Pretty pearly white teeth makes me melt! Other than that a man who really has his life together, yet still pushes for greater things is always a turn on.

Q: What turns you off?

A: ARROGANCE!! I can't stress enough how much arrogance is such a deal breaker for me!... And bad breath!

Q: Are you more focused on your career than having a guy right

A: Absolutely! That pretty much sums up my current mentality. I have too many great things in the works for be to be in a committed relationship. One thing about me is that I'm a very passionate lover. And I believe any man worthy of being with me is special enough to have the committment he deserves, and right now I just can't guarantee that to anyone but myself.

Q: Do you have a website?

A: My personal website is currently being revised, however I do have a personal blog where I do keep everyone updated its

Q: Do you
have any thank you’s that you would like to say? 

A: Oh man! I would be all day with thank yous, but just a few that will never go without being said is a big thank you to my Creator for the amazing favor He has granted in my life and my family who always support me no matter what. My mother goes beyond herself to make sure I never go without, and my father who never ceases to be there for me when I need him.

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