Le$ ( Boss Hogg Outlawz)

11:20 PM

          Le$ is a New Orleans born hip hop artist  who discovered the art, and the all addicting nature of music early in life. His short attention span caused him to experiment with different instruments, and eventually he found the appeal, and calming effect of beating on anything at arms reach, and creating a beat. By High School Le$ was apart of the biggest High School drum line in the nation, Saint Augustine, but even that couldn’t keep him off the streets, and away from the trappings that come with that lifestyle. And After moving to Houston from Pre-Katrina New Orleans to attend the University of Houston and pursue a degree in Business, Le$ became all too aware of the costs, both financially and personally, of higher education. But as tuition rates rose the business of survival became a much larger and more daunting priority. Katrina hit, his family moved into his dorm with him, and by his junior year Le$ succumbed to the pull of his true destiny, music. 

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