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Model of the Week: Quiana

Model Quiana
IG: callmequiana
MUA: keesh.nicole_mua
IG nicolejbrunson_stylist
Photographer/IG: bookdex 

B Rich Brinson Interviews Cam Model Kelley Cabbana Interview

   ND4EMAG's own B Rich Brinson interviews Kelley Cabbana who's has become one of the most fascinating webcam models in the adult industry. She has a weekly cam show on Vette Nation Live network and gained 1st place as’s Most Popular Cam Show in May 2017. In this interview she talks about most insane and most pleasurable thing she been asked to do live on cam,  kinkiest thing she ever done, and more.

ND4EMAG: Tell us about Kelley Cabbana and where you from?

 CABBANA: I am a Miami girl. I love being naked more than being in clothes. I am living the Vegan life. I love shopping and working out. I can't get enough of Netflix and I prefer wine over hard liquor.

ND4EMAG: What’s the best thing about being a web cam model?

CABBANA: There are so many things that come to mind. You can make your own schedule. You get the live interaction with your fans and you have daily multiple orgasms too.
ND4EMAG: Do you ever see fans on the 'street'? How has it felt to be recognized?

 CABBANA: Yes, I do quite often actually. The first few times it was so weird..but now its way cool and I love taking pics with my fans too.

ND4EMAG: What’s the most insane and most pleasurable thing you've been asked you to do live on cam?                                                        

CABBANA: The most insane was a request to watch me lie the guy had this vomit fetish he told me about. It was interesting. The most pleasurable is when I can play with my favorite toy and watch them stroke their cock till they cum...this is exhilarating for orgasms are real I I never fake them I take that serious so my clients or fans know I a truly enjoying my experience with them too.

ND4EMAG: I noticed your last show on Vette Nation Live this year is on Wed, Dec 6 that’s my birthday; do you do special shows for birthday boys?

 CABBANA: Yes, I would love to do that for any of my fans are my everything and to let them know that by offering a birthday show would be awesome!!!

ND4EMAG: When you are not on live cam what do you do to relax?

 CABBANA: Binging on Netflix, working out & drinking wine

ND4EMAG: What are your BIGGEST turn ons and turn offs?

CABBANA: My biggest turn on is how the guy treats me. If he is respectful and is good to me or make me laugh then where headed in the right direction. Huge turn offs are when guys are selfish or rude.
ND4EMAG: Tell us what the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

CABBANA: I have a lot of crazy stories. One time I was with a guy and we went into the men's bathroom ...We went into one of the stalls and I started sucking his cock and I heard the door open and someone else walked in ...they didn't leave, we were so horny we just kept fucking, it was so hot to know someone was listening while we were fucking. When we walked out of the stall it was 2 police officers standing was hilarious..they just laughed. I thought I might get arrested LOL..but they loved it!!!!!

ND4EMAG: How often do you masturbate?

 CABBANA: Daily and a lot..being a cam girl you masturbate a lot. When I'm off line if I get the urge to have an amazing orgasm I do, I let myself enjoy that all the time. I always say if everyone masturbated more there would be less road rage.

ND4EMAG: What's the best orgasm you've had? Alone or with a partner?

CABBANA: I was with this guy one time and we were fucking in a hotel room while the maintenance guy (who was repairing the a/c) watched us. I had 3 orgasms, it was amazing. Of course, it helped that I was super horny.
ND4EMAG: What are 2 tips you have for girls interested in web camming in the adult industry?

CABBANA: Your cam room needs to be an extension of you. The fans want to know you and your room will give them a feel of what you like. Make it inviting sexy fun playful. You will find your fan base - don't give up it takes time.

ND4EMAG: Tell us at the end of the day what do you want to be remembered for?

 CABBANA: I built my brand (kelley cabbana) my way I am self-made..that's a true accomplishment of my success.

ND4EMAG: Do you have any shout outs?

CABBANA: Tanya Tate and Vicky Vette for sure. These ladies have given me opportunities to mold my career. :)

Model Shana Boo

Model Shana Boo
IG: shanaboo2002
Snapchat illigirlshall8
Photographer: Robertsmithphotography

Felixx "THOT" Prod. by Kid Class (Audio Only)

                       Felixx releases a new single called "THOT" produced by Kid Class! A hybrid of smooth R&B and trap, this song is a prime example of today's new RnBass genre  the new wave of music! With over a million streams the single is heating up the streets! Check it out below

ND4EMAG's Own B Rich Brinson Interviews Pornstar Jillian Janson

ND4EMAG's Own B Rich Brinson had the honor to interview Jillian Janson who's a porn star that has worked with every major studio, including Evil Angel, Reality Kings, Naughty America, Girlfriend Films, and Digital Playground. In this interview Jillian Janson gives tips to the guys and ladies who looking for new ways to spice things up in the bedroom, tells us about the craziest rumor she heard about herself, and more in the interview.

ND4EMAG:When did you know you wanted to be a porn star?

Jillian Janson: For some reason, finding my value in a small midwestern town didn't work out for me. I didn't fit in in high school or in any job I had while in high school. I was online one day, came across a way to webcam for wealth, and not long before I even started to cam had I found my true calling as a full time adult actress. It feels great expressing myself to those that truly appreciate it.  

ND4EMAG:What’s the best thing about being a porn star? 

Jillian Janson: The honor of making other individuals hot and horny! 

ND4EMAG:Do you have any tips for ladies or guys who want to spice up things in the bedroom?

Jillian Janson: Ladies, you can do about anything to turn your man on, but it is HOW you do it that may get him to last longer or to try something different. Confidence is key, however setting the mood may be more like it at first. Light some candles, listen to music, or lounge in some lingerie. For the guys, tell her to wear her favorite. It will make her feel sexy.. or you can surprise her with something new. She just wants to feel special. So ladies, you want to feel admired and appreciated.. learn what makes your partner passionate. Are things tense? Massage each other with essential oils. Not tense enough? Purchase a pair of handcuffs or rope and tie each other to the bed or somewhere you wouldn't think of usually. Seduce each other with sensual deprivation, look into each others souls and you may have an even bigger connection with his erection. 

ND4EMAG: What’s one thing most guys tend to forget when they’re pleasing a woman?

Jillian Janson: A lot of people may get caught up in the actual act of fucking that they tend to forget the foreplay. Play with her pussy and always keep her stimulated so she doesn't dry out and can last longer, trust me I know from experience. As a performer and in my personal life I like intercourse to last as long as I can!

ND4EMAG: What’s the craziest rumor you've heard about yourself?

Jillian Janson: I've heard some rumors that my best friend Flynt Dominick is my boyfriend and he isn't, he's even better than that. He's my best friend who we both happen to benefit from mentally, emotionally, and physically. I choose not to complicate things in my life and being single is the best choice. There's plenty enough time to settle down some day I am in no hurry!

ND4EMAG: How much different is your personal sex life vs. your sex life on camera as a pornstar?

Jillian Janson: Personally my sex life is perfect. If I am horny and need a hard cock I will always have someone to play with. It doesn't matter if I am on or off set, I love recording all my adventures. I think it's more fun when I am at home playing with myself or a partner and I'm still able to show my personality. If you happen to signup for my sites you will see what I mean. Sometimes you don't get to see how truly passionate I am in my personal life, because the cameras aren't catching it. 

ND4EMAG: Do you think being a porn star makes it harder to build trust in a relationship?

Jillian Janson: Honestly, it's hard to trust, in any personal or professional relationship. However, through experience I've learned that my profession is a priority. I've been through times with those that I thought were my friends, but when I realized what I needed for myself and my brand, those people I thought I had trusted, didn't really understand. 

ND4EMAG: What’s the hottest threesome you had with other porn stars on film?

Jillian Janson: Not sure if you'd classify this as a threesome, but during my showcase "Just Jillian" for Jules Jordan, my pussy got the best pounding it ever had thanks to double penetration. The two guys I performed with are true professionals... I couldn't have been more pleased that Erik Everhard and James Deen were apart of my first DP!

ND4EMAG: Tell us about the craziest moment you've had with another porn star on set that made you think 'wtf'?

Jillian Janson: Sometimes I can't help myself.. I love my face smothered in sweet pussy while mine is being pounded. Well one day it felt too good not to hold back, but I pushed and all that came out, was the air in my ass. We all looked at each other in the 'wtf' sort of way, then soon after followed a room full of laughter. In our line of work, that is NOT the worst or craziest thing that could happen!

ND4EMAG: How many DM’s do you get a day on Instagram from guy’s sending 'Dick pics' just because you're a pornstar?

Jillian Janson: Let's just say.. enough. If they actually want me to open their messages and respond to them sexually they have to sign up for my websites, where no matter what time of the day it is, I WILL respond!

ND4EMAG: If you can have sex with any celebrity today who would it be and why?

Jillian Janson: In the past I probably would have been able to name a few people, but thats just it.. I realized that they are just people. I've met a few celebrities in my past that I've personally had pleasurable experiences with, but for privacy purposes that I completely understand, I keep those names to myself. In all reality.. they are just like me and have created another identity. I know I wouldn't appreciate my personal life being exposed, so I wouldn't do it to them. 

 ND4EMAG: What’s the best/quickest way to turn you on in 2 seconds?

Jillian Janson: Whisper the naughtiest things you want to do to me and just nibble on my ear. The tickle tends to send a shiver of sensation done my spine. 

ND4EMAG: What do you believe will keep you from fading out the porn business?

Jillian Janson: Staying successful for some that may not be simple, but for me.. as long as I stay who I am inside and out, I will survive. 

ND4EMAG: Tell us at the end of day what do you want to be remembered for in the industry?

Jillian Janson: I plan to leave incredible impressions with the perseverance of my personality and positivity. 

 ND4EMAG: Do you have any shout outs?

Jillian Janson: I wouldn't be here without Matrix Models and Star Factory PR. My supporters play a huge part of where I am today and for that, I thank ALL of you! 

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